Bridge Career Centers’ vision is to provide superior vocational training that will build new career opportunities for success. Our mission is to bridge the gap between income and opportunity. 

Bridge Career Centers provides short-term, low-cost training—the key to today’s real-world employment opportunities. We offer courses and training for medical and health-care positions such as Home Health Aide, CNA, Phlebotomy technician, and Electrocardiogram technician (EKG).

A three week Bridge Career Centers’ training course can move you into a field where skilled employees are critically needed, and will continue to be needed in the future. Short-term training can be the start to your long-term career and a better-paying job.

Bridge Career Centers prepares you to enter the workplace with skills and confidence. What’s more; we take an active role in assisting students with job readiness and job placement. We work with our students even after they are hired, to make sure everything continues to go well. This is a tremendous benefit toward success and employer satisfaction.

Bridge Career Centers prepares you for tomorrow—today!

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